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Alonso Cedillo 's work can only be defined as post-internet art. As part of the millenial generation, Cedillo's work focuses entirely on our relationship with computer screens, the internet, and nature, while living the 21st century life.

Since 2008, Cedillo has been working in a variety of mediums like painting, sculpture, video, drawing, virtual reality, and software programming, to engage his viewers with an Earthly reality that makes no difference between the real and the virtual.

The artist's jump from traditional art to post-internet began in 2008 with his variation series. In them, he relocated classical themes into videogame scenaries, transforming Rubens' Persephones Abduction into Mario Bros, and Titian's Europa's rape into Donkey Kong (among others). A year later, he decided to focus entirely on video production and started crafting works out of nothing but data.

By 2012, Cedillo realized it was just as foolish to work exclusively with non electronic methods than to work only with them. Since then, his works have become too analogic to be electronic, and too electronic to be analogic, which is of course the reality of our existance. Because of that, traditional crafting methods have remained present on Cedillo's production, as well as the avant-garde ways of the internet.

His work has been collected in Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Austria, and the United Arab Emirates. It has been exhibited at the NRML festival in Monterrey (2013) and was featured at Donaufestival (2013) and Transitio MX (2015) by Fran Ilich.