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Skype conversation about nimda corp between Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster and Alonso Cedillo

[12/9/13 10:45:29 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Sorry lena I got stucked in traffic but i’m here.

[12/9/13 10:46:02 AM] Alonso Cedillo: are you still there?

[12/9/13 10:46:48 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: yes!

[12/9/13 10:47:20 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Ok, let s do a skype interview?

[12/9/13 10:47:27 AM] Alonso Cedillo: yes!

[12/9/13 10:47:58 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Alonso Cedillo, can you describe Nimda universe?

[12/9/13 10:48:07 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: please

[12/9/13 10:49:23 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: I understood, Nimda is present on different channels. And I had the impression, your art project Nimda is a kind of society project. An artistic society?

[12/9/13 10:55:25 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Yes. It’s an alternate reality game about a world corporation. It began as a virtual space , the idea was to establish a cultural centre on a region of 2L, but I have opened different branches of the company. The main idea is to turn normal projects into collaborative projects, by selling shares, futures or bonds of different things.

[12/9/13 10:57:09 AM] Alonso Cedillo: So you buy a share/bond/futures, and depending on the amount, yo get to own part of a project. This allows you to get involved on decisions and on the path that the project will follow.

[12/9/13 10:58:17 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: How do people get involved exactly? How do they participate in decissions?

[12/9/13 10:58:24 AM] Alonso Cedillo: It’s also a way to sell a kind of art, that usually you can’t sell.
[12/9/13 10:58:36 AM] Alonso Cedillo: It depends on the project.

[12/9/13 10:58:55 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Can you give an example, please?

[12/9/13 11:03:08 AM] Alonso Cedillo: drik magazine for example has monthly meetings with its shareholders so we can decide what topics shall we approach on the upcoming issues, they can purpose which artists we should interview, or make changes on the magazine structure. For instance, my shareholders could decide to end drik’s no publicity policy and start selling ads to win more money

[12/9/13 11:04:23 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: So dr�k magazine is part of Nimda? What else are Nimda activities?

[12/9/13 11:09:01 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Yes. There’s also a record label of electronic music, which was my first company project. On the website you can download all the songs for free or pay what you want. You can buy shares on the website and win some omoney through google ads, and we also make cd’s, like white labels did in the 90’s tha we sell for 2 usd. Those cds are funded by nimda bonds. So the sales of the cds splits between the makers of the music, and the owners of the bond. There’s also a net lab, the archives of drik, nimda’s museum, which consists mainly on a webpage with instructions to make artworks, futures in cardamom and dates plants, thanks to seeds i counterfeited from dubai.

[12/9/13 11:09:51 AM] Alonso Cedillo: We also have an adult film club, which records porn movies in second life and another virtual world named utherverse. And we sell the futures of the dvds too.

[12/9/13 11:10:44 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Also we have a telecoms branch that sells webhosting, email accounts, and newsletter services

[12/9/13 11:12:33 AM] Alonso Cedillo: but our latest project is to create virtual artists that people can buy through shares

[12/9/13 11:13:09 AM] Alonso Cedillo: they buy access to their production, fb account, email, etc. And can dicide what should the artist do or who should he/she approach

[12/9/13 11:13:52 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: So all these activities happen in the alternate reality in comunication or crossover to our ‘real’ every day life in mexico and Vienna? How do the projects realise themselves in between these two realities?

[12/9/13 11:14:58 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: So everybody can become an artist? Can buy an artist identity?

[12/9/13 11:19:41 AM] Alonso Cedillo: oh yes, that’s interesting. I believe the internet is a space and not a medium. So I’m trying to build not a virtual reality but a real virtuality, so I believe the project has some anchors in the “real” world, like selling the cds, and stock certificates, giving away postcards with urls. But the main idea is to demonstrate that you can play a game, and win or push something in real life. I believe people would be more happy if they gamed more.

[12/9/13 11:19:59 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Yes exactly hehe you buy an artist identity.

[12/9/13 11:21:30 AM] Alonso Cedillo: So you can even vote to send him away to promote wis work, or search for exhibitions. Nimda updates the results, and the shareholders make proposals and vote so the next decision can take place.

[12/9/13 11:22:13 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Who is doing the artists art then?

[12/9/13 11:23:11 AM] Alonso Cedillo: It can go as far as changing the medium. If one of our virtual artists makes video, and suddenly their shareholders decides to turn him into a painter, then that needs to happen.

[12/9/13 11:23:33 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: :.)

[12/9/13 11:23:47 AM] Alonso Cedillo: I am making it. Though shareholders can propose to continue making the art work by themselves.

[12/9/13 11:24:10 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: How many people are working for nimda and dr�k?

[12/9/13 11:24:28 AM] Alonso Cedillo: We’re about 15

[12/9/13 11:25:07 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Wow!

[12/9/13 11:25:24 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Yes, half of them or more are shareholders

[12/9/13 11:25:44 AM] Alonso Cedillo: =D

[12/9/13 11:26:34 AM] Alonso Cedillo: and I like too keep it real. One can buy shares with as little as 1 usd

[12/9/13 11:26:46 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: There was a computer worm in 2001 called nimda which became quite dangerous to Secret Services and National Securities. Nimda means Admin, right? How did you choose this name?

[12/9/13 11:26:51 AM] Alonso Cedillo: I think the most expensive ones are bout 6 usd

[12/9/13 11:27:05 AM] Alonso Cedillo: oh yes, exactly that’s the reason and meaning

[12/9/13 11:29:33 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Do you like to add something?

[12/9/13 11:32:30 AM] Alonso Cedillo: when I chose that name I was working around the ideas of the virus, specially how viruses have determined our advanced, in the real world and in the virtual. And my work has also a viral behaviour, one could say my works constitute infected versions of other’s artists works which have really inspired me.

[12/9/13 11:33:06 AM] Alonso Cedillo: and also viruses were how i start making experimental works with sound and video.

[12/9/13 11:34:20 AM] Alonso Cedillo: in 2007 i was a windows user, so my computer was heavily infected. I began making music with computers and mixing songs by that time.

[12/9/13 11:35:21 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Suddenly I got infected with a virus that crashed my computer if I used the echo effect. It was very wierd, cause it only happened when i turned the echo on. But the virus made the computer to keep on doing crazy sounds for hours

[12/9/13 11:36:25 AM] Alonso Cedillo: so i began working with 2 firends on building some nice atmospheres and then crashed the computer and listen its sound for hours. We believed the viruses were singing hehe.

[12/9/13 11:37:05 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: :.D very cool

[12/9/13 11:38:25 AM] Alonso Cedillo: =D it was fun. But most of the people who hear it though it was inaudible hahaha

[12/9/13 11:39:05 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: How do people mainly access your work?

[12/9/13 11:39:18 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Your work and nimda projects?

[12/9/13 11:39:30 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: In which medium?

[12/9/13 11:39:37 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: in which reality?

[12/9/13 11:40:48 AM] Alonso Cedillo: It’s funny you ask that because I was talking some days ago with my collective about that. And how our number of exhibitions is so little compared to the rest of the people who studied with us. But it’s really beacause we all have focused on exhibiting our works online,

[12/9/13 11:40:52 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: I ll change onto my mobile phone, do not be surprised, if I do not answer immediately

[12/9/13 11:41:12 AM] Alonso Cedillo: ok, no prob

[12/9/13 11:47:23 AM] Alonso Cedillo: I think that the main reason of choosing the internet as a space to exhibit is it’s the only place that’s really open 24 hrs/365 days to anybody, anyplace, as long as you have a modem or a cellphone. You just have to write a name on your browser to call what you’re looking for. So we display our work on our webpages, same as flickr, facebook, tumblr, youtube, and soundcloud. It also allows us to take risks and explores places that are not interesting for a conventional gallery or institution.

[12/9/13 11:47:30 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Can you please send some Links you like to be present here as your Online exhibition place

[12/9/13 11:50:31 AM] Alonso Cedillo: yes!! =D





[12/9/13 11:50:37 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: How do you infect other Online plattforms to show your work?

[12/9/13 11:50:58 AM] STAATSAFFAIRE: Do you do that?

[12/9/13 11:54:04 AM] Alonso Cedillo: Mmm… on a conceptual way I think I might. For example, with drik’s net lab we re building a project that shows small looped porn clips that you can play in any order to make sound scape. The videos are uploade to vimeo, and nudes and sex scenes are forbidden. I think eventually they will find them. But they’ve been online atleast for a year and a half hehehe

[12/9/13 11:55:36 AM] Alonso Cedillo: http://wiki.drik.mx/amateurop/index.html