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Where am I going?

Some days ago I was walking to a bus stop, passing near my mom’s place. They re re-building a cinema there for the 3rd time on 25 years. Once again I saw the cranes and their movement that I find so amazingly beautiful. I then heard the sounds of hammering and bulldozers assembling on a symphonic way.

Those sounds could be mimicked to build sound art or music. But the most awesome thing was that art was already happening without artists nor musicians! It just happened. And then I knew, art just happens. It’s constantly creating itself, without the need of an artist. It’s just laying there in front of all of us, waiting to be found. That’s why we act as catalyzers. Artists are explorers of the unseen. We find, baptize, make visible, and then let art go away to reach new people. So yes, art can be anything, and anywhere. And everyone’s potentially an artist.

It’s all about challenge. Artists have been finding art in nature and reconfiguring it since the beginning. Let’s rewind back to the Peloponnesian War. There, a girl captured her sweetheart’s shape by drawing his shadow on a wall. Some people say that was the birth of painting, but is capturing a shadow really different from taking a photograph?, or even from making a performance?

Then we can say art happens between process, and that we artists try to capture those instants. Perhaps that’s why Cedric Price loved so much cranes; a building that’s always building itself may have bigger chances to generate art on a natural way. We can say the same about art. Yet, until now we’ve focused on the art that we build and not in the art that naturally happens.

Art without artists has always been the source of art. For some reason (our ego I assume), the art world hasn’t shared this source with our public (actually, not sharing it is what turns people into public). We have to go back to it. We need to open a path so that people can get to know and understand this source. Human generated art is digested by people easier than, what we can call, raw art. Raw art is always simpler, and sometimes simplicity can be awfully complex.

Some years ago, we passed the limit of the contemporary era. Art from the 21st century needs to end the apathy, pessimism, and depression that has invaded us. Everybody, except a few, believe they can’t do what they want to do. We must change that. Although we still haven’t found a name for it, I believe we should all go on this direction.

The idea of the artist virtuoso is the cancer that we re still carrying thanks to the french academy. I don’t know why, even the isms opposed to that idea. Which takes me to the next point. I’m sure art has attempted to get this goal I’m speaking about several times. The isms tried it, specially dad�; The Bauhaus building’s were simple in order to re-build Germany on a quick an effective way, till the point of being consider communists; abstract expressionism, Fluxus, the performance wave, net art. All of them have tried to transcend art from the detonators to the people arround.

This time however, in cooperative art, the trip will be kamikaze. If we succeed we will eliminate ourselves. We are catalyzers, and catalyzers disappear. I think that’s the plan. We’re deleting us.

If people amaze themselves with their surroundings, if they use creativity on ways that can help on their social, political, cultural (not Cultural), and spiritual life, then we will no longer be necessary. The unseen will become and will be seen. It will be discovered, reconfigured, and will reconfigure itself, not because of the art we make, but because of people looking and interacting with it.

The artists are a virus. But its precisely the virus who can lead into a change.  We always infect what we see and then create a parallel. With auto-destructive art, Metzger lead to Joseph Nechvatal’s self-eating virus. Artists must behave as virus of this kind.

We need to inspire creation and creativity around us, making changes to open new possibilities. They must remain open so people outside the art world can use them, and realize they can open new ones. Then what we do will become necessary but we won’t be.  Art will reach the next level by existing and being re-birth between and adapting to the needs of the many. On this way, there’s a small chance of making a better world possible. That’s why we should always be ready to delete ourselves.