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On 2007 I was introduced to the works of Bill Viola and Andy Goldsworthy and decided to train myself in different mediums beyond painting. At the time I was making a lot of studies of classical art, so Viola's work impacted me greatly, as I understood some of his works as new ways of painting. That year I recorded my first video, which shows me destroying my Ninetendo Game Cube with a hammer, at my first studio, over my painting table which I named Antistress.

By the time I was attending the architecture facuilty to learn image editing and 3D modeling. I was working a lot in photo collages and realized I could do similar things on video, producing a series of works like Washing Machine which were heavily edited to create semi-abstract compositions that could resemble a work on canvas.

I started filming using a tripod and produced a series of videos which showed human interaction in open spaces which resembled strategy games like Age of Empires or Starcraft by showing how spaces changed during time. An example of these is Paraxthon, which shows the passing of a day of a private beach in Mexico.

These works took me to start hidding my camera and using remotes to shoot films and photos without being noticed, and continued creating videos like The Party, which shows a takeover of a garden, and which was recorded in secrecy. This way of working stays with me on my Second Life films until today.