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This is a selection of different films I've recorded in Second Life which are part of solo and collaborative projects. On 2013 I decided to change my video practice and started producing video by recording my computer screen instead of a camera. Second Life offered me a myriad of possibilities through the use of machinima, which is a definition that stands for making video narratives using videogame engines.

Although most of my current work involves avatar interaction, my first approach of my screen recordings was Second Life's Real Estate market, which today remains an interest and subject of work in my practice. On 2012 I started a series of ongoing collaborations with Fran Ilich, having some of them in Second Life. That year I became part of his Altarnate Reality Game Variable Network State, which used among other resources, several lands in Second Life. I accquired part of them and started making video ads to bring people into the region with aims of renting them a spot in the Desert of the Virtual.

Short after, I started recording empty landscapes which showed looped animated 3D meshes in them. As my process was to record the screen while exploring different regions, hopping from one to another was natural. Things started taking shape when I filmed Aquarius, a video which shows a marine landscape changing shapes. I realized that if I overdrove my modem, the landscapes would load slower, and appeared to be "painting" themselves. This allowed me to keep exploring the relationship between videos and paintings, but in a totally different way.

I found myself recording the computer screen, and painting it too, as some of my landscape films were accompained by painted versions of them, which were done in a similar way of "plain-air" paintings, but by looking at a simulation instead of a natural landscape. These explorations led me to work with different communities in Second Life specially in regions classified as "Adult". Among them were mainly designers, which build virtual clothes and objects; furries, a community which use animal or animal-human hybrid avatars and commonly engage in virtual sex; and escorts, which sell time with their avatars and may engage in interaction which goes from text or voice chatting to web caming.

As a result of my investigation, I have dedicated myself to be a "silent witness" that by fixing his camera into objects or avatars, documents human interaction in Second Life by making silent machinimas. This happens in a liminal zone which on one side reminds us of how the internet eliminates our privacy, but as I cannot see nor listen what avatars tell to each other, shows how limits can be established.

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