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This selection goes a little bit farther than 2010. In 2007 I decided I would only paint variations of 15 classical themes. My teacher Andrea di Castro shared with me viral ideas he had spoken about with William Burroughs while making the CD Rom of Pantopone Rose. As they fitted perfectly my interests in painting and film making this ideas became key to me, so I decided to declare my works as novel strains of historical works.

By using paint and video I decided to hinge my biggest passions: art and video games. I decided to incorporate besides the idea of the virus, the concept of the Eater Egg, which stands for a hidden secret, item or level inside a computer game or program. After reading Neuromancer I decided to understand the internet as a space instead of a medium. Hence, virtuality was also a space.

I decided to show a parallelism between painting and video by generating virtual spaces in which I hid items in the compositions, while placing the characters in video game-like scenarios. On the same way, my films contained huge loads of information to engage viewers in a digital and visual treasure hunt. For the first time I decided both kinds of works could find togetherness through a cyberspatial showcase, so I built a flash website with hidden Easter eggs and interfaces to display the videos and paintings.


- These films I mention can be found here.
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