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By 2014 I decided to fully push my Virtual Real Estate developments in Second Life as well as my eBay sculptures. As picking up dead animals was becoming quite gross, I decided to search for dead insects instead. I incorporated them into different objects which I kept buying through online auctions, or buying insects and incorporating them into found objects. My objective was the creation of sculptures which could show how the encounter of the online and the offline is the way in which we create reality.

At the same time I began creating interactive sculptures which were used by visitors of my headquarters at the Desert of the Virtual. These could be bought or were used to sell items in Second Life. I relocated Nimda’s and drik magazine’s headquarters into a suburb of the desert to start hosting meetings, encounters and events in them. That year my whole production changed as I eliminated all buddhist content from my work, and abandoned the idea of internet as a space. I shifted my concept of real virtuality into the understanding of the internet for what it is: a super network of computers capable of processing information at irrationally high speed.

As the ideas of cyberspace and singularity were left behind, I embraced the ideas of collective economy, financial insurgence, tactical media, and alternate reality gaming. As it can leak, stream, and flow, I decided to understand information as a fluid. It works as the new oil, as accumulating it means the accumulation of wealth and power. I opened Nimda’s first oil complex, Lleratnac, at the Desert of the Virtual and flooded the terrain. On the opposite side of the desert I founded Nimda Sail Boat Club, a nautical space which sold memberships that gave access to the space, a sound and PDF bank, and cultural center which hosted among other things an award for virtual sculptures, and a conversation between Mariana Botey, Luis Camnitzer, Fran Ilich, and me.

In 2015, began using 3D models of ancient Buddha sculptures, and added oil barrels to their shape before printing them. Some of them were included at an exhibition I presented as part of Ilich’s First Quinquennial Plan of Aridoamerica, named Into the Lleratnac Field. The show consisted on a databank, which could be “distilled” using printers and burners. I founded The Nimda Petroleum Institute and Nimda Oils and sold the exhibition in the shape of oil barrels for the price of the Mexican oil mix at the Transitio MX festival.


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