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With my understanding of the internet as a de-fictionalized medium, I started painting Second Life landscapes, which were done while I looking at the live scenarios on my screen using an impressionist style. This action was not ironical at all. Instead, it intended to show how the online and the offline are the ying and yang of our reality, and that both should be perceived equally. To accentuate how every action in the online world has a part that happens outside from it I started downloading files that required me to solve a captcha, and painting the captcha under the name of the downloaded file.

In 2016 I started working with a 3D printer of plastic extrusion and decided that independently from the medium, I would work only with information generated through screens and computers. Following the idea of information as a liquid entity, and with the possibility of extracting any shape from my computer through the printer, I designed several crystals to use the machine to “crystalize” data. The longer the crystallization, the bigger the resulting crystal.

To keep the relationship that my work has with art history I decided to transpose all the cliché styles of painting into post internet situations. In this way I started creating portraits by painting people’s likes, and I started working a lot with an online community in Tumblr which sold and sometimes leaked nude images. I started painting images I bought from them, text posts, and leaked messages.

At the same time, I discovered an alternate Nimda Corporation, which sells war vehicles in Lod. I decided that my version would absorb theirs, and began making artworks using their corporative image mixed with mine. That year I was invited by my friend Marek Wolfryd to exhibit at a show he was curating at the Foro R38. We intended to present my tank videos appropriated from Nimda.co.il in all the screens of the university and give away 2000 postcards of two models: the Achzarit, and the T-71. The work was banned from the show and I was accused of using war money to create my works. I kept the unopened postcards and the email as a kind of trophy, as both Nimda had merged and were inseparable.


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