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By 2018 I continued working with Tumblr’s community of adult content creation and started painting photographs which showed rooms with computers. All of these were used to stream adult videos on the net. Some of the pictures were bought by me, some others were shared. I fully focused my internet works also on human online labor. I started collaborating with a Second Life avatar named Anita, who creates digital objects and textures which she sells in the game’s marketplace for a living. My plain-air computer paintings led me to see ideas on all of Second Life geography, becoming the founding partner of the Second Life Vulcanologist Association.

I also worked on a 3D printed series which I named Oil sculptures. In them, 3D models were created through 360ª pictures of pre-existent sculptures I sliced into uncountable layers. The printer then drew the outlines one on top of the other to create form. The 3D models were intervened with oil barrels, which symbolize how information can be stored in objects too. One of them was featured by Joseph Nechvatal on Hyperallergic. The idea of transforming sculpture into sculpture, and affecting its physical appearances for them to seem older, went great together with my dilapidated paintings, wich I created on early 2019. In them, the full canvas is painted only to be partially destroyed to resemble damaged frescoes.

I also officially started the production of Nimda’s Armed Vehicles by renting a PO Box in Sarasota, opening a webpage, and 3D printing the tanks. I also used Nimda to designate a fund to start the Friends of Corruption Museum through the Nimda Endowment for the Arts and the Nimda Museums Authority. At the same time I produced several machinimas in Second Life and started working with pictures of life hacks and accidents which I gave the value of a still life.

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