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The past year and the ongoing months I have been working on different projects, mainly in painting and virtual reality. Trying to continue my exploration of uniting opposites, I started creating works, which like my Eco Dots and my Reaction Paintings, were in between 2D and 3D, as they can be seen as form, but are nothing but acrylic on linen, mounted on a stretcher. I have also continue to make my dilapidated paintings and started making my portions and triptychs.

A little bit after the COVID-19 outbreak I started creating painting on my phone and working with augmented reality (AR). I started a series named Equivalents that consist on copies of classical works which I overlay with emojis and create in the screen of my phone. I started to learn AR to make filters and interactive experiences which evolved quickly into several ideas. One of them, which consists on a data bank with images, videos, filters, and the sculptures, of a Duchamp’s exhibition on board of the RMS Titanic, was presented at Reproducción Automática, a project by Obras de Arte Comentadas and Juan Pablo Ramos, and the magazine of the Eco Museum in Mexico City.

At the same time Nimda Corporation opened Colonia, its new virtual real estate company, while Nimda Telecomm started its plans to open a pop-up mobile phone repair shop. Colonia’s stocks as well as repaired mobiles can be acquired through Nimda Private Banking. I recently started my new ARG which is named Verde Suite and is located at the virtual Chelsea Hotel. Please email to schedule appointments.

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